Colume is a Milan-based lighting brand that I found a chance to design for them thanks to a collaboration. The concept development has been done by me and my project partner, engineering process has been held by Colume.
             Bastone’s concept is based on transforming one iconic daily element, canes, into a modern representation of pendant lighting. Each hang unit consists of a bent metal pipe and an extruded glass with a gradient color. Those are ordered hung and fixed on a circular metal frame with light sources. Bastone comes in two forms by changing the hung orientations of units, enabling it to be derived into two versions as a series.
             The light creates various refraction when light passes through the extruded glass cylinders with inner texture. The gradient-colored glass cylinders give a delicate rhythm and mood to the space.

Colume / 2022

Brand analysis
Concept development
Material study (CMF)
Industrial design
Lighting design
Design for manufacture (DfM)